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Published on: 2018-04-23


We have heard the very sad, very unexpected,  news from Ms. Katmerka Tabakovic that her son, Muhamed passed away at his home last weekend. Chess was very important to her boy, and she wanted us to know. More recent members of our chess community might not be familiar with this strong master-level player unless they've played in the Gold Section of the chess league, or in the coffeehouses of south Minneapolis. He had only played several rated tournaments in the last 15 years, but before that, he was quite active at the Chess Castle (mostly at our old, original address in the Midway area of St Paul) since his first tournament in 1993. He was an extremely intense and competitive player, very good at tactics, and willing to play chess at any speed.

Ibro and Katerka Tabakovic held a memorial service for their son at their home in Edina, Sunday, April 22nd. Muhamed's brother from London was there.

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