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Minnesota Championship Playoffs Results

Published on: 2017-03-23

CONGRATULATIONS to the new Minnesota State Champion, IM Andrew Tang! 

Andrew is the youngest Minnesota Champion in the 124 year history of the MSCA (17 years, 3 months and 19 days). It is possible that someone on the list of champions may have been younger, but until someone makes a claim to that affect, Andrew has that honor.

 The event was won in dramatic style.

Andrew defeated each of the previous champions (IM Sean Nagle and IM John Bartholomew) in their individual games in rounds 1 and 2, but then dropped a game to another former champion, Frank Johnson.

Sean and John were paired in the final round, with the winner to advance to a tie with Andrew.

John won that game in a long, hard fought contest, forcing a blitz playoff, which Andrew won 1.5 – 0.5

 Josiah Jorenby won the Amateur Championship with a 4-1 score

 The Reserve was won by Logan Ferkinhoff who tied with Joel Nathe at 4-1, with Logan taking the playoff 2-0

 A new event was introduced by Dan Voje. An Expert Championship section. This year it was put together by Dan as an unofficial event, which ended in a three way tie. The players involved chose not to participate in a tie-break playoff.

 Samrug Narayanan, Nastassja Matus and Bill Murray tied with 3.5 points each

 The Board of Directors of the MSCA will consider adding this as an official playoff and will finalize the qualification procedure for the event.

We will also consider making the results of this event as official inaugural champions.

 Congratulations to all the winners!


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