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11th Annual OleChess Chess Camp

Published on: 2015-06-27

11th Annual OleChess Chess Camp. July 26 – 31, 2015

A premier national chess camp at an affordable price.

We offer a “camp within a camp” experience, so that you may choose the option that best fits you. The camp is for all ages and strengths.  OleChess offers special options for serious players, adults, children and chess coaches of all strengths.  The camp accepts both residential and commuter students.  It is located 35 minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mn on the beautiful campus of St. Olaf College. Travel to the camp by highway is easy, and an optional shuttle service is available from the Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) airport.

2015 instructors currently include GM Greg Kaidanov, GM Alex Yermolinsky, GM Jesse Kraai, WGM Camilla Baginskaite, FM Kevin Bachler, NM Ken Wallach and Special Guest  Lecturer GM Wesley So.  An additional GM instructor is likely. 

The camp offers many study options:

• Chess Exploration: ‚Ä®For players of all ages and strengths. Campers are divided into classes of like ability and age. Campers 9 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult escort.  This is the primary selection for most young campers.  Most adult campers who choose this level are usually accompanying their child.

Intensive Study (3 types): “All Intensive Study Options automatically include the evening lecture series”

Advanced Youth: Under 18 with 1500+ rating. This option is only for strong youth students. The option involves additional classroom rigor and an additional evening lecture after which students may join evening camp activity including separate sections of the blitz and bughouse tournaments.

Advanced Adult: 18 and over OR rating of 1700+. This option is intended for the serious adult students and involves additional instructional period, lectures, and greater classroom rigor. This session will admit serious, mature-acting youth students who meet the requirements and have the approval of the camp director.

Fundamental Adult: 18 and over. For the novice to moderate strength adult interested in strengthening their chess knowledge for themselves or for the additional purpose of teaching others. This option includes take-away materials and for those interested in coaching a letter of recommendation for the USCF Certified Chess Coach Program. Stronger players should consider Intensive Study-Advanced Adult.

• Evening Lecture Series:  Adults (over age 17) who are not campers may attend the Intensive Study evening lecture. Lectures last 1–1.5 hours, and begin at 6 p.m.  Adults wishing to attend should show up at 5:45 p.m. Lectures by camp GM’s and IM’s. No refunds.

Evening Lecture Schedule:
Monday, 6:00pm: GM Alex Yermolinsky: “How to Bust Out of a Slump”
Tuesday, 6:00pm: GM Yury Shulman: “Constructive Approach In Critical Positions”
Wednesday, 6:00pm: GM Gregory Kaidanov: "What is my 'chess style?'
Wednesday, 7:00pm: GM Wesley So: "Examples of 1 e4 e5 from My Games"
Thursday, 6:00 pm: GM Jesse Kraai: "A Couple Practical Decisions from Carlsen's Games"
Lecture Registration

 Chesscorts: This is an additional option for escorts - parents/guardians who are escorting their child to camp.  This daily class is “Chess 101 lite for escorts.” Escorts will learn the basics of chess, chess notation, and chess tournaments so that they can better share in their child’s chess experience. It will also include a “mini-tournament” among class members only so that parents can share in the tournament experience and learn from their own play. The class and tournament will be in the mornings-only and Chesscorts will be free the rest of the day.

How to Be a Good Chess Parent (Sunday Seminar 2:30–4): Based on an article by Kevin Bachler, this is a brief program discussing the important role of chess parent. Key chess basics will be covered: how to select a coach, what books to study, what kind of tournaments to attend, and figuring out what kind of a chess player you have.

Chess Basics Class: Sunday afternoon chess class covering the basics of chess moves and chess notation for anyone who needs a refresher in the topic.

Daily Schedule: Camp opens on Sunday afternoon with check-in between 2 and 4 p.m., followed by an orientation meeting, dinner, and an exciting exhibition pitting participants against instructional staff.  Monday morning begins with the first round of a G/60 tournament that runs throughout the week. Following the tournament is the first of three daily class sessions in which participants are divided into groups and work with a single supervising teacher. A rotating instructional schedule allows participants to study with a variety of teachers during the camp. Afternoon class sessions are followed by dinner in Stav Hall and special activities, while students in the Intensive Study Option have an additional 1-1.5 special lecture. Camp closing ceremonies start at 1 p.m. Friday afternoon with trophies awarded to winners in all competitions. Family and friends are invited to attend.

Special Activities: Special activities such as movie and bowling nights, a campfire, and recreational opportunities, including soccer, frisbee, or basketball, keep things active and interesting at OleChess. Other activities include quick chess tournaments, a “blitz” tournament, and Ole Bughouse Mania.

Other Special Events:

  • OleChess Warm-up Tournament: Saturday, July 25, 9a.m.–5 p.m. See website for details. 

  • Special lecture for Intensive Study Students by GM Wesley So, July 29th 7 p.m. : This will be followed by a simul for the first 24 intensive study registrants.

Escort Policy: Parents or guardians may attend camp (but not classes) as an escort.  An escort is required for participants nine years of age or younger.  There is a maximum of three campers per escort.  The escort fee includes meals, housing in a shared room with the camper, and bowling night.

For more information on OleChess, including pricing:

OleChess Camp: http://wp.stolaf.edu/conferences/summer-camps/chess-camp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olechess

OleChess 1-day USCF rated tournament on Saturday, July 25


St. Olaf College: www.stolaf.edu, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Olaf_College

About the campus and food service: 


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