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MSCA Board Election 2014

Published on: 2015-04-02

Published on: January 15, 2014

2014 Minnesota State Chess Association

Election for the Executive Board.

Each year the Minnesota State Chess Association (MSCA) holds an election for vacant and expired seats on the Executive Board.  Each member is elected for a two year term.  There are seven members of the board.  Alternately three or four members are elected by the general membership of the MSCSA.  Any MSCA member is eligible to vote.  Official election date is at the Annual membership meeting held in conjunction with the Minnesota Open each February.  This year’s meeting is on Feb 14, 6:00 PM, at the Marriott SW, the site of the Minnesota Open.

David Kuhns, Dan Voje and Chris Kalina.  Leaving the board are Shuman Lee, Roger Redmond and Sisira Amarasinghe. These three are not seeking reelection as they will be unable to serve.  We thank them for there many years of service.

Board member Jiten Patel is up for re-election.


Clip the ballot (below), and vote for up to four candidates. Place the ballot in an unmarked envelope, and seal the envelope. Place that envelope in a mailing envelope, and on the back of the outside envelope print legibly and sign your name and include your USCF or MSCA ID number.  Mail to: Minnesota State Chess Association c/o Chess Castle, 1121 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, (OR bring it to the Chess Castle, The St Paul Winter tournament (Jan 24-25, Roseville Skating Oval) or to the Minnesota Open prior to the start of the membership meeting (5 – 6 PM, Feb 24).

You must be a current member as of Feb 14.  To check your membership status or to purchase or renew your membership on line at www.minnesotachaess.org, or at the times and places stated above (Chess Castle, St Paul Winter, or Minnesota Open).

Statements submitted by the candidates:

I was initially asked to be on the board to fill a vacancy, so I am seeking my first full term on the Board. I have learned a lot in this short time, and have been much more involved in the second year of my term. I see growth in the membership. A factor to this growth is not only kids involved in chess, but the parents involved as well. I have been working with children and parents for many years with constant communication every step of the way. If you elect me, I will continue to do the same as well as help to promote other chess events in the state. Thank you for your time.

Jiten Patel

I am a board candidate because I wish to serve the chess community that has provided so much benefit to my son, Jackson. My qualifications lie in my previous board experience, my professional training, and my commitment to chess. First, I served on the board of a non-profit press, and I currently serve on the board of the Minnesota Private College Council and the Minnesota Bar Association. I understand how boards work, and I can help ours continue its fine record of service.

Second, I have practiced law for 30 years and am currently a state court judge. I am skilled in helping people achieve their goals and in managing and resolving disputes if they arise.

Third, I am committed. I attend most chess tournaments with my son, year-round, and I know and understand our chess community.

I would be honored to serve our state chess community.

Edward (Ned) Wahl

To the dedicated chess enthusiasts of Minnesota;

I have been actively involved with the betterment of chess in Minnesota for nearly a decade.  While I was a student at the University of Minnesota I ran a chess club with over 375 members with over 50 showing up to our weekly meetings. In that same position I helped to secure Argentinian Grandmaster Pablo Zarnicki's brief residence in Minnesota for the HB Global Chess Challenge in 2005.  Since then I have been an active member of the Twin Cities Chess League, Chess Castle, USCF and MSCA and have taught lessons to students of all ages.  Most recently I drew Super Grandmaster Wesley So in a Simultaneous Exhibition at the Chess Castle.  As a member of the Board I plan on raising awareness of chess tournaments and increase the overall profile of chess in Minnesota.

I truly appreciate your consideration of my candidacy,

Zack Tverstol

I am honored for the nomination. If elected, I will tirelessly serve to further increase chess activity in our state by securing long-term funding for norm events. I will commit to one objective this year which is to pursue creative ways of aiding and supporting local players earn title norms.

I am a Life Member of USCF so I will be engaged in chess as a player, as a coach and events promoter for a long time. I am asking for your support; please elect me as Board Member.

Andres D. Hortillosa

It's an honor to be nominated to run for the MSCA board.  If elected I would like to help expand the online presence of the organization.  The three main outlets I envision using are minnesotachess.org, Facebook, and chess.com. 

On the website I would like to help create an online journal of sorts that includes tournament summaries (with photos) and annotated games.  This would essentially be free for the organization to put together and based on volunteer submissions.  The MSCA doesn't have a large following on Facebook that I'm aware of at this point. Using Facebook advertising helped the Rochester Chess Club grow from 6 regular members to 25+ members each meeting. Chess.com is also a great tool for networking in the chess community and appears to be an untapped resource at this point.

With my experience as the Rochester Chess Club Secretary and Webmaster I believe I can help the MSCA grow through the use of online resources.

Thank you for your consideration.

Matt Jensen




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(   ) Andres Hortillosa 
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